About Us

PT. ABOTDELI is a company engaged in the field MERCHANDISING or supplier Marketing Support for company needs. Established since 1996 in Jakarta. Merchandise offered include various types of Apparel, Bags, Accessories, and others. Merchandise can be a self-produced goods (in-house), import, branded and non-branded.

PT. ABOTDELI remain consistent in the areas that lived and still maintaining the quality, affordability and timeliness. Large companies that have now become a client of PT. ABOTDELI including PT. Telkomsel (Telco), Inco (Oil Mining), OrangTua Group (Consumers Goods) and many more.


  • Evolving to be in the forefront as the market leader in the field of promotion
  • Being a company that is trusted and chosen to provide a solution for the needs of promotion


  • Mastering Market Promotion through innovative and competitive solutions
  • Improving the quality of services more efficiently and effectively
  • Build mutually beneficial partnerships and develop as a partner in progress